Kurt Cobain, 2/20/67 – 4/5/94. Born in Hoquiam/ Seattle, Washington, Kurt was the lead singer and guitarist for Nirvana. As their music became more mainstream and popular Kurt was dubbed the “spokesman for Generation X”. Its said that he did'nt like the attention on himself. He began using drugs and making poor choices in his life. His death was officially ruled suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound, but to this day some people believe there was foul play involved. Kurt was the fight member of the “27 Club”.

Admittedly I was not a huge Nirvana fan at the time of Kurt's death. Of course I knew who he was, he'd become a superstar (which many say contributed to his depression). When he died I could feel the loss through others, by watching how grieved they were. It reminded me of a bit of when John Lennon died, an entire generation mourned together, we could not believe he was gone. Same with Kurt, but the added tragedy that he took his own life. I do appreciate Nirvana's music now that I've given it more of a chance. If you want a better understanding of who Kurt was, I highly recommend the documentary film, "About a Son". Here's a clip.

Nirvana - Come As You Are
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Starrlight said...

He was actually born in Aberdeen and lived their most of his childhood barring the years he went back and forth to his father and other family. He went to high school in Aberdeen before he dropped out. And Kurt did heroin long before Nirvana became famous. He used that and percodan from his teen years due to chronic stomach pain.

And don't get me started on Courtney. If she didn't pull the trigger or hire someone to do it she didn't help his mental state at all and certainly helped him on down that road.

The irony is that I love Hole. Hell I named my blog for a Hole lyric.

Thank you Billy Corrigan :P

Yuritalinda said...

Yeah...she killed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starrlight said...

About A Son should come with a warning. Kidlet and I bawl like babies watching it.