Mick Ronson, 5/26/46 – 4/29/1993. Born in Yorkshire, England, Mick was best known as guitar player for David Bowie. He also played for musicians such as Lou Reed, Ian Hunter, Bob Dylan and Mott the Hoople. In addition to guitar he played the piano, bass, harmonic, clarinet, keyboards and drums. Mick died of liver cancer. He was 46.

Whenever I think of Mick Ronson I remember David Bowie introducing him as his "good mate". It seems like Mick was an ultra-talented guy who did most of his best work in the background (by producing or by standing behind Bowie - who notices anyone else on stage when David is up there?). I think its fitting and kinda sad that his last major live performance was a the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert, he played "All The Young Dudes" with David Bowie and Ian Hunter, and "Heroes" with Bowie." I hate cancer even more than I hate heroin. Sorry to lose another great musician to that evil disease.

David Bowie - Ground Control to Major Tom
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Frank Zappa, (Francis Vincent Zappa Jr.), 12/21/93 – 12/4/93. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Frank was known for composing and performing experimental rock/jazz music. Frank was also a passionate supporter of our first amendment rights and his lyrics often made known his skeptical views of US politics. He died of prostate cancer. Frank was 52.

Frank Zappa is one of those big names that was so important to the music industry that I feel unqualified to even talk about him, so I am going to ask a friend of mine if he would write something up here about Frank.

Frank Zappa - Dancin' Fool
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Michael Clarke
(Michael James Dick) 6/3/46 -12/19/93. Born in Spokane, Washington, Michael was best known as the drummer for the 1960s rock music group The Byrds from 1964 to 1968. He also played with the Flying Burrito Brothers. Michael died of liver failure thought to be a result of more than three decades of heavy alcohol consumption. He was 47.

I found this very interesting, "In legend, Clarke was said to have been discovered by Byrds founder David Crosby while playing bongos on the beach, but in fact he was discovered by singer-songwriter Ivan Ulz. And, he was not discovered on the beach per se, but in San Francisco's North Beach. Clarke was not an accomplished musician prior to joining the Byrds. He was reportedly hired more for his resemblance to Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones than his percussion skills." Michael must have improved on his skills as time went on since he was with two really great bands. Another sad loss due to alcoholism.

The Byrds - Ballad Of Easy Rider
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David said...

hello frank, its been too long, I hope the powers that be did not listen to the lyrics of your albums. The guitar work was amazing. To this day I still follow your advice and never eat yellow snow.

Tonal Memories said...

I am only now beginning to understand the shear genious that was Frank Zappa. I saw Zappa plays Zappa several years ago (Dwiezel play his dad's stuff) and it was simply amazing.