Rory Gallagher
, 3/2/48 - 6/14/95. Rory was born in County Donegal, but grew up in Cork City in the south of Ireland. He is best known for his incredible talent at guitar and most often played a 1961 Stratocaster. Rory excessively used drugs and alcoholl which necessitated a liver transplant; complications from that caused his death. He was 43.

I once wrote about Rory on my other blog and it generated quite a few comments saying that he was underrated. Its true he was not a big name like some of the guitar greats but as far as talent he was up there with the best. One person said it like this "It is great to see Rory here. He was fantastic playing that battered Stratocaster straight into an amp. Today's young guitarists could learn a thing from him. He is missed." I agree! (p.s. I am proud to say I have relatives in Donegal!)

Rory Gallagher - Race The Breeze
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Jerry Garcia, (Jerome John Garcia), 8/1/42 – 8/9/95. Born in San Fransisco, California, Jerry was thought of as the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Grateful Dead – although he insisted the band had no official leader. He played guitar, piano and banjo. He died of a heart attack. He was 53.

Another legend that I dare not write about for fear of not saying enough. I have someone in mind to write this one, hope he is willing, he's a great writer and loyal Deadhead.

The Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil
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Shannon Hoon, (Richard Shannon Hoon), 9/26/67 – 10/21/95. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Shannon was the lead singer for Blind Melon and worked with Guns N Roses. He developed a cocaine habit and often joked that he would be the next member of the “27 Club”. He died of an accidental heroin/cocaine overdoes three weeks after his birthday. Shannon was 28.

There was something very special and unique about Shannon Hoon. They say a picture says a thousand words, so I guess a video can convey a personality. This performance at Woodstock '94 will tell you a lot more about Shannon than I can. Shannon was known for doing crazy (and often illegal) things, for example he was arrested in Vancouver after getting naked and urinating on someone in the audience. Another time he walked on stage smoking a joint. His drug and alcohol use were a huge problem for the band, he was in and out of rehab. Looking at him I see such a beautiful face, a great voice, a bright future with a hugely successful band; but the drugs won.

Blind Melon - Change
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such a shame!

Tonal Memories said...

OK, I LOVE the song you posted for this one. My favorite song from the album. He had a great voice. Another talent cut short.