Peter William Ham, 4/27/47 - 4/24/75. Peter was born in Swansea, South Wales. He formed a local rock group called The Panthers which evolved into The Ivey which eventually became Badfinger. Peter co-wrote many of their hit songs. He hung himself after years of disputes with his former financial manager. Pete was 27.

Number 7 of the "27 Club". I loved Badfinger as I was growing up and don't remember hearing of his death, media news ("the news" in the old days) was a bit different back then. I've read the details behind his death and its tragic. I am an advocate for helping victims of suicide (those of us left behind) understand it better and hopefully lessen the bitterness and anger that inevitably surfaces. But in this case, it seems like he was running from his problems leaving behind his girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant with his daughter.

Badfinger - Day After Day
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Tim Buckley, (Timothy Charles Buckley III) 2/14/47 - 6/29/75. Born in Washington DC, Tim was a vocalist and musician who's music style is hard to define but has been referred to as jazz, funk, soul and avant-garde rock. He was father to the late Jeff Buckley. Tim died of an accidental heroin overdose He was 28.

Jeff looks so much like his father and inherited his talent as well as his good looks. I don't know much about Tim Buckley but it sure is a shame he never lived to hear his son's stunningly beautiful voice and witness his success.

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Cassie said...

Jeff Buckley's song "Halleluja" if one of my all time favorites. His death was such a tragedy. I had no idea it ran in the family.