Tommy Bolin, (Thomas Richard Bolin), 8/1/51 – 12/4/76. Tommy was born in Sioux City, Iowa. He was a guitarist with Zephyr, The James Gang and Deep Purple and also had a solo career. Tommy had a heavy drug problem. It was after opening for Jeff Beck that he partied on a combination of drugs and alcohol that he died. There are conflicting reports of the actual cause of death. He was 25.

Again, incredible talent that was nipped in the bud due to drug and alcohol abuse. Tommy was a self taught, versatile and very talented guitarist. No doubt he had great future in front of him. "Tommy Bolin burst upon the mid-seventies scene like a ball of fire, bringing jazz inventiveness to the heavy metal style. Just as quickly, it seems, the flame was out, but the afterglow is still with us." The funny thing about "accidental overdoses" is that they are really another form of suicide, its the Russian roulette method.

Deep Purple - Highway Star
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Tommy was awesome. Don't forget Lowell George.