Paul Young – 6/17/47 – 7/15/00. Born in Manchester England, Paul was best known as the singer for Sad Café and Mike and The Mechanics. He was sometimes confused with another Paul Young because they both sang “blue-eyed-soul”. Paul died of a heart attack. He was 53.

One of my favorite songs is by Mike and the Mechanics but I can't figure out if Mike or Paul sang it...I was unable to find much about him but what I read made me believe he was a family man, musician and nice guy. His son, Jason, has a tribute site for him here.

Allen Woody, (Douglass Allen Woody) 10/3/55 - 8/26/00. Born in Nashville, Tennessee Allen joined The Allman Brothers in 1989 as bass player. for many years and was also the bass player for Gov't. Mule. He was respected as a bass player and a collection of over 450 bass guitars. His death is rumored to be a heroin overdose. He was 44.

Allen was good friends with Warren Haynes, they started G-Mule together. After Allen died, Warren chose to go back to The Allman Brother's. There was a special limited edition bass released by Epiphone called the Allen Woody Rumble Kat, too bad he was not around to add it to his collection. Heroin takes another life and cuts it short.

Gov't Mule - New World Blues
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Benjamin Orr, (Benjamin Bogdonavich Orzechowski) 8/9/47 – 10/3/00. Benjamin was the bass guitar player and one of the vocalists for the The Cars. He sang several of The Cars greatest hits, including "Just What I Needed", "Let's Go" and "Drive". In April 2000, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought but lost the battle only 6 months later. His final public appearance was on September 27 only six days before he died. Ben was 53.

Ben Orr! My favorite "Car". From what I have read over the years he was also a really nice guy. I love his voice and though many people can't tell him and Ric Ocasek apart I think Ben's is smoother and deeper. I was so sad to hear of his death. The fact that he performed right up to his final days says a lot about his passion for music. He is missed.

The Cars - Drive
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Anonymous said...

the face of an angel
love you always benjamin xxxx

Anonymous said...

never a more beautiful face and voice
in the world than benjamin a real

Anonymous said...

what a stuningly beautiful face
perfect features, gorgeous voice,
never a more handsome man than benjamin orr. love m xxxx.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Anon, thanks for the comments, I agree with you. He was a very special man and absolutely beautiful to look at and listen to.