Dusty Springfield, (Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien) 4/16/39 – 3/2/99. Born in London, England she grew up loving American jazz singers and recorded her first song at age 11. She never wrote her own music but was considered a superstar with her success as a “blue-eyed soul” vocalist. Dusty died of breast cancer. She was 59.

Dusty was an amazing woman. She started out young and had a determination even when obstacles got in her way. Dusty went through a time of being out of the spotlight but then her career picked up again. She fought the breast cancer and was in remission for awhile but that damn disease won the battle. She was one classy lady with a smooth, sexy voice. You can hear her here.

Dusty Springfield - The Look of Love
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Bobby Sheehan
, (Robert Vaughan Sheehan) 6/12/68 - 8/20/99. Born in Summit, New Jersey he was a founding member and the original bass player for Blues Traveler. Bobby was found dead in his apartment of a drug overdose - once again heroin and cocaine. He was 33.

There was very little on Wikipedia about Bobby but fortunately there is a fan page dedicated to his memory. Here is a quote from that page, "It is with heavy hearts and tearful eyes that we announce the passing of one of the most genuine people to ever grace the music industry with his presence. Ironically, it was his presence that made us all feel like the party would never end. Brooklyn Bobby Sheehan's original sound was the backbone of what is known as Blues Traveler. The only way to describe his music is the groove. When he got into that groove, there was nobody better. His amazing solos in Mother Funker and Alone proved that he can provide any sort of emotion with his music. "

Blues Traveler - Freedom
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Rick Danko, (Richard Clare Danko) 12/29/42 – 12/10/99. Born in Ontario, Canada, Rick was best known for playing bass and singing guitar with The Band, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and others. Rick was had a heart condition that ended his life. Rick was 56.

Another fabulous musician from the Great White North. I love the story of The Band and have always thought they were one of the most talented group or artists to stand on stage together. Does anyone else cry when watching The Last Waltz? I do for some reason. Rick picked up a banjo when he was in first grade and by age 14 had left school to pursue music full time. He met Ronnie Hawkins and things took off from there. Rick didn't let the break-up of The Band keep him from pursuing his career in music. He endured several hardships (the loss of his son, a very serious car accident, etc.) but he kept moving forward until his heard gave out. He died in his sleep.

The Band - Strawberry Wine
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Anonymous said...

Rick Danko died of heart disease. Period. He suffered from hypertension and was overweight. No where does it say his heart condition was caused by drug use. This is a disservice to Rick.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Anon, I was taking this info from a source I thought was reliable. I will change it because I rather err on the side of not saying something negative. I apologize. The last think I ever want to do on this site is say something negative that is not true! I respect Rick and his talent very much.

Starrlight said...

Bobby Sheehan was the shit on bass. Alone is perfect example.

Dusty was one of a kind.

Perplexio said...

I found another 1999 death that you may want to add Alexander "Skip" Spence (Lung Cancer) he was a member of both Moby Grape and Jefferson Airplane and introduced the 2 guys that ended up forming the Doobie Brothers.

His bio on wiki is somewhat tragic.

Perplexio said...

Another for 1999- Alexander "Skip" Spence (drummer/guitarist/vocalist/songwriter). Spence was a founding member of both Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape. He was referred to by some as "the American Syd Barrett" due to his mental health and substance abuse issues.

Some links for more info on him:
An obituary/memorial from Rolling Stone
Skip Spence (wikipedia entry)

There's a story about Skip OD'ing on Heroin and being put in the morgue with the toe-tag and everything. He got up and asked for a glass of water... truly bizarre.