Ricky Nelson, ( Eric Hilliard Nelson ), 5/8/40 – 12/-31/85. Born in Teaneck, New Jersey Ricky was a singer/songwriter with over 50 hit recordings. Ricky was a teenage TV star as well. He died of smoke inhalation from an on-board fire that caused the plane he was traveling in to crash. Ricky was 45.

I remember seeing re-runs of Ozzie and Harriet and thinking that Ricky was "dreamy" . I had the opportunity to see him sing his famous song "Garden Party" once when I was at an amusement park. His career had a lot of ups and downs but apparently was on an upswing when the unfortunate plane accident took his life.

Ricky Nelson - Have I Told you Lately That I Love you
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Cherokee said...

Ricky Nelson was definitely a great artist who was often overlooked. Most of his records are classics. He had a style and sound all of his own. My favorite song of his is "garden party." This song really showed his true talent. Another person gone way too soon.

Cherokee Billie

David said...

the night this plane went down I was called to my neighbors house. The man who played Hammond organ and keyboards for Ricky died in that crash too ( the whole band ). Andy Chapin was a new father, and his wife learned about it on the news and totally freaked out. Andy and his wife and son lived right behind us, they were good folks. I can still recall the shock on that New years eve. All very sad

David said...

found this account of the crash