Randy Rhoads, (William Randall Rhoads), 12/6/56 – 3/20/82. Born in Santa Monica, California, Randy got his first guitar at age six. He was a talented heavy metal guitarist who helped put Ozzy Osbourne back on the charts in the early 1980's. In 1982 while on tour, the band pilot took Randy for a plane ride. He was buzzing the tour bus when he clipped into some trees and crashed killing them both as the band helplessly stood by. He was 25.

I remember how upset my sister was when we heard that Randy had died. She was a big fan of Ozzy. She got to see Randy play up close when she had front row seats, one of the lucky ones that attended a concert during his era. He was an amazing talent still talked about today as one of the guitar greats of our time. Here's a 6 minute solo, he was also beautiful to look at.

Ozzy Osborne - Bad Bad Boy
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James Honeyman-Scott, 11/4/57 – 6/16/82. Born in Hereford, England James was guitarist for The Pretenders. He also sang back-ups and co-wrote several songs. His style influenced many that followed him. James was a cocaine user and died of a heart attack induced by cocaine intolerance. He was 25.

The first time I heard The Pretenders I loved them, the edgy sound and bold lyrics. James co-wrote songs and added his unique guitar style. It was a tragedy that he died so young. Chrissie did not let it prevent the band from moving forward, in fact she had this to say ""One of the things that kept the band alive, ironically, was the death of Jimmy Scott. I felt I couldn't let the music die when he did. We'd worked too hard to get it where it was.... I had to finish what we'd started".

The Pretenders - Back On the Chain Gang
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