Jaco Pastorius, (John Francis Anthony Pastorius III) 12/1/51 - 9/21/87 was born in Norriston, Pensylvania. Jaco was regarded as one of the most influential bass players of all times. He played and composted mostly jazz, fusion and funk. He died as a result of brain damage received during a fight with a music club bouncer. Jaco was 35.

I was not familiar with Jaco but his name was left here in the comments as someone to add. He was voted "The Greatest Bass Player Who Has Ever Lived" by reader submissions in Bass Guitar magazine. I've checked out his music since then and understand why. In reading about his life I learned that he suffered from Bi-Polar disorder and that ultimately the use of alcohol and drugs exacerbated the disease causing his erratic behavior which ultimately led to his death. As with other deaths listed here, there's something to learn. Mental illnesses left untreated can have serious or life-threatening results. Check him out here.

Jaco Pastorius - Crisis
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